About Me

I founded Khanna Connections as an extension of myself- an ambitious creative who desires the growth and expansion for those I’m connected with.

My first passion was nursing. While spending a few years away, raising my children, I started my own business doing most of the current services for physician practices and sharing my skill set with non-profits through development, events and fundraising. The experience acquired would lead me to rebranding as Khanna Connections in 2019, adding on even more services as the demand of the ever-changing industry evolved, adding some of the best creatives to our team, and niching in the health, medical, non-profit and small businesses industries.

I saw so many opportunities for businesses to better communicate who they are, what they do, and their true value but the opportunities just weren’t being leveraged or their efforts were being aimed at the wrong audience.

Business owners are busy, well, being business owners. Which means your organization might:

  • overlook optimal ways to connect with your existing audience
  • not have time to connect to new audiences
  • or simply be unaware of all the various ways for your business to connect and grow.

I’ve been called a brand expansionist, an opportunity curator and a dynamic connector. So what does that mean for you? It means if I’m excited about your business, I want everyone else to be too!

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