You’ve got a great organization and we want everyone to know it. Let’s connect!

Khanna Connections helps expand your organization by connecting you to your target audience through marketing, strategic communications, and public relations.

Each organization’s needs are different.

Khanna Connections understands the individuality of every client and every situation. Industry strategies are not a one-size-fits-all formula and targeting the wrong audience is like throwing darts in the dark. There are so many ways to communicate and connect to the world around you and every opportunity counts. Whether it be a well written website, an attractive social media account, a publicity event supporting the community, or the chance to co-market with a larger brand such as the media- what you say about yourself, or fail to say, will say a lot to others.

Your company is unique and it’s our job to highlight what it is that makes you stand out and to target the correct audience. We are available per project, on retainer, or hourly as consultants. We are as customizable as your needs.